We here at Trek Media Group, are continually striving for excellence and we are always on the lookout with the latest and greatest techniques for achieving the highest quality printing. We currently offer a variety of excellent services such as Direct to Garment Printing, Embroidery, Heat Transfer printing, and many more! We are always expanding the ways we can create high quality and cool new toys. As we expand our company, so do our ideas. With our fantastic customer service, we do our best to not only supply our customers what they need, but we work with them side by side sharing ideas and insight on all of our products. All of our promotional products can be styled and designed in a variety of ways and when we share ideas and work together with our customers, there’s endless possibilities to what we can achieve together. At Trek Media Group, we are family owned and operated, so we like to take time to make sure that we treat our customers with a familiar and friendly atmosphere with any of our services. You will find that out of all of our services, no matter which one we provide for you, we will still offer the same quality customer service.

Digital Printing

There is a growing demand for digital wide printing in the industry. Customers can now advertise on a range of media such as banners, stickers, decals, indoor/outdoor signage, auto graphics, and more. Wide-format printers allow a print to be directly place on vinyl, foam board, PVC, etc. We many different wide format printers, including the Roland SOLJET Pro 4 XR-640, the Roland VesaEXPRESS RF-6400 and Roland VersaStudio BN-20 printers which offer quality, advanced vibrant prints with sharp detail. The equipment provides fast, reliable printing for widths 8″ to 64″.

Digital Printing

Direct-to-garment, or DTG, is a form of digital printing that is ideal for images or complex designs with vibrant colors. In the DTG process, the printer uses a cyan, yellow, magenta, and black (CYMK) color palette, which allows thousands of colors to be produced on a single pass. We offer direct to garment digital printing in a couple of different ways. From printing designs onto t-shirts to canvas totes, there is quite the variety of materials and pieces of apparel that DTG printing allows!


Within our Apparel Branch, you will find that Embroidery is one of the most popular forms of printing that we do. Embroidery is the gives a professional, clean look to logos for companies or businesses. One of the most popular designs with embroidery is monogramming! We monogram many initials on all sorts of materials and apparels. Some of the things we embroider on are hats, polos, jackets, sweaters, tote bags, backpacks, and towels, just to name a few.


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